Classical Cartoon Corner

Hello there. This page contains cartoons based on Classical Greek and Roman works that are all free to download and reuse for educational and edutertainment purposes.

Lucian – True Stories

One of the longest comics we’ve ever done around these parts, this is our version of Lucian’s True Stories – a series of tales that travel from up to the Moon to down inside the guts of a giant Whale, in stories that are guaranteed to be absolutely, completely, one-hundred-percent pure lies.

Ancient Greek Version of Lucian’s ‘True Stories’ (PDF – 58M)

English Version of Lucian’s ‘True Stories’  (PDF – 59M)

Plutarch – Parmeno’s Pig


This short story, taken from Plutarch’s ‘Table Talk’, is a comic about biases and competitive oinking.

Download the PDFs below:

English Version of Parmeno’s Pig.

Ancient Greek Version of Parmeno’s Pig.

Lucian – The Doctor and the Piper

PiperThis is a short cartoon version of a story from Lucian’s satirical ‘Symposium’, about a Doctor treating a deranged Piper. The strip, a collaboration between myself (Pseudopolites) and John Koelle ( is available in English or in Ancient Greek. We plan to expand on this story in the future.

Download this cartoon strip as a PDF below:

English version of the Doctor and the Piper.

Ancient Greek version of the Doctor and the Piper.

Plautus – The Amphitruo


Also available on the cartoon bookshelf is Plautus’ Amphitruo,

which you can find in English and in Latin here.

Happy reading.

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